Recent Art Projects – Autumn 2018

What we have been up to Here is a little taste of just some of the recent art projects we have been doing this term in arts and craft class. From our Autumn term 2018 For every project, there are so many different results. Seeing how the children will take your idea and run with […]

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fun easter crafts for kids fun easter crafts for kids

Easter crafting and fun activities

  Easter is almost here and so are the myriad of possibilities for crafting and fun activities, whether they are indoor or outdoor. There is plenty to make see and do over the holiday, for both child and adult to enjoy. So many ideas, where to start? First would be the obvious, Easter egg hunting! The thrill of seeking and […]

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St. Patricks day arts and craft ideas

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for kids

  St. Patrick’s day festivities are all about fun and lots of colour. There’s no better way to start off the celebrations, then to craft your very own St. Patrick’s day props, decorations, pictures and cards. With so many different varieties of green, white and gold and heaps of creative ideas, no two pieces will be quite the same […]

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Cardboard box craft projects

  The humble cardboard box holds so many possibilities, so why not get creative and have a little crafting fun with them, before they go in the recycling bin. How often has it happened, that children receive gifts that come in cardboard boxes, only to discard the gift and spend the day playing with the box instead? With a little imagination […]

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Creating a crafty New Year!

  The start of a new year brings a promise of new beginnings and what a better way to kick start the New Year than by getting super organised. The month of January is all about leftovers, be it sweet treats, gifts or even Christmas cards. What do you do with the items that you do not need […]

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getting your childs arts and crafts space and upplies organised teh craft corner

Getting organised: Arts and Craft supplies

Todays ‘Getting Organised’ post is looking at craft supplies. While it’s aimed at getting your children’s arts and craft supplies in a manageable and more importantly; a usable state, the tips here can be applied to adults craft supplies storage and organisation too. The main focus of this post is on reusing supplies that you […]

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