How to draw Sea Creatures

drawing sea cretaures with the craft corner 2021

How to draw Sea Creatures

Learn how to draw sea creatures with these easy to follow step by step video tutorials with The Craft Corner

Each of these drawing videos shows you how to draw different sea creatures. From the simple fish to a crab, the jellyfish and sea turtle a whale and an octopus.

You can do the lessons in your own time, pausing as you need to. When you have practised how to draw the different sea creatures you can cut them out and create your own under the sea collages. Using watercolour paints and oil pastels to add colour and background to your paintings.

You could also use these drawings to make sea puppets, use them on handmade cards or make a sea creature mobile for your bedroom.



How to draw a fish

How to draw a sea turtle


How to draw a whale with The Craft Corner


How to draw a crab

How to draw a jellyfish and an octopus


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