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Getting organised: Arts and Craft supplies

Todays ‘Getting Organised’ post is looking at craft supplies. While it’s aimed at getting your children’s arts and craft supplies in a manageable and more importantly; a usable state, the tips here can be applied to adults craft supplies storage and organisation too. The main focus of this post is on reusing supplies that you […]

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Resources: Free printable colouring sheets for children

Resources 101: Drawing, using pencil and paper, is such an important skill to foster in children from a young age. This article over on Smart Parent Advice goes into a lot more detail about fine motor skills and highlights how arts and crafts can help.    The following websites offer free printable drawing pages for […]

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cover your school books creatively and on a budget

5 things to do before the kids go back to school

#1 Explore closer to home. Discover the secret treasures in your city, town, village. Too often we spend our time planning trips to places far away and forgetting about the things right on our doorstep. The great thing about the good weather this summer is that more people were sticking closer to home. Would you […]

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