Recent Art Projects – Autumn 2018

Recent Art Projects – Autumn 2018

What we have been up to

Here is a little taste of just some of the recent art projects we have been doing this term in arts and craft class. From our Autumn term 2018

For every project, there are so many different results. Seeing how the children will take your idea and run with it is always fantastic. How they really use their imagination to come up with their own ideas is so great to see.

Stencil Making

Making our own stencils with our junior class. A great class for hand eye coordination


Watercolour painting class.

Learning about water washes and salt sprinkles. Our palettes are made using recycled materials from Re Create Ireland and our ‘easles’ are discarded hard back book covers.


Stamp making 101

Another fantastic craft class with our junior and senior infants learning how to make our own stamps. Everyone went home with two stamps that they had made themselves.


stamp making

Art that moves

Making art that moves with our Junior infants, here Alexander made moving wheels for his car

making artwork cars that move

While Meave made a field of flowers. Moving petals blowing in the wind

Here A-Jay is hard at work on his arty creature!

making artwork - ajay hard at work

Sophie in our senior class made a field of pretty blooms.

making moving circles


Aoibhe, made a person with a moving arm. Seeing the ideas that all the kids came up with for this project was fantastic. Great use of imagination and our art skills.

moving arms artwork that moves


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