Kid Inventors’ Day

kid inventors' day

Kid Inventors’ Day

Today, January the 17th, is international Kid Inventors’ Day. A day when we celebrate the young talented minds in our world. Here at The Craft Corner I like to think that every day is Kid Inventors Day!

Inventing our own Laptops

Each term the final class is our Craft Challenge. It is our invention class. Time for all of our students to create their own inventions from their imaginations. The laptops below were all created by one of our Junior classes. One child started making a laptop and soon the idea was spreading! They made mouse’s and keyboards. Created screens and secret languages for their keys.

Creativity Matters

One of the most important skills that I impart to each of my students is an ability to think outside the box. To think for themselves. It is really important that children learn to self direct. That they find their own solutions to problems. Here, one of our older students created her own Harry Potter glasses, complete with glasses case

The craft challenge inventing our own glasses with the children in art class

Inventions from our Imagination

When a child has an idea in our craft classes we let them run with it. We help with construction and materials, we guide them in how to make joints but we never tell them how. This is really important.

Never tell them how. Let them come to the solution themselves.

shreks toilet the craft corner created by petra

Kid’s inventing their own cars

Here are some of our vehicle inventions. Definitely up for some off roading with these beasts!

kid inventors day the future car a craft project by nicole at our after school craft classes
craft projects by children at the craft corner after school classes

Use what you have

Using the materials that you have at hand is an important lesson to learn. Being resourceful with what we have is a skill that goes far beyond the classroom. And teaching children to be resourceful is a key life skill, one that will benefit them for years to come.

Being resourceful with the materials at hand is a skill that goes beyond the classroom

The craft challenge living room made from cardboard
The craft challenge making umbrellas
the craft challenge international kid inventors day creating cardboard people
The craft challenge making our own oreos
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