Where to buy your craft supplies without breaking the bank

where to buy your craft supplies the craft cornerI often get asked where are the best places to buy affordable, good quality craft supplies. I get asked this a lot! So because I’m nice that way, I’m going to tell you.

Today I am focusing on LOCAL BRICKS AND MORTAR SHOPS.*

The internet is great and I use it on a regular basis for a lot of the supplies that I buy but sometimes you just can’t beat an actual bricks and mortar shop where you can spend endless time wandering up and down the aisles in search of and finding INSPIRATION.

*(All these locations are based in Ireland but some have online or international affiliations too)

Here are my top 7 favourite places to source craft supplies.


Dublin Road, Naas Map Location 

This little gem of a shop has been around since I was a kid, run by the same husband and wife team, and sometimes their son, if it’s a particularly good day for playing golf! At first glance everything it all seems a bit ‘unsorted’ but therein lies its charm. And all you need to do is ask and they know where everything is and more.   As you rummage your way through all manner of treasures you’ll understand why I love it.

Great for: Birthday Party Favours, good value gifts for children, general art supplies, random finds.


Unit 8, Northern Cross Business Park, N Rd, Finglas, Co. Dublin Map Location


I buy a lot of my bulk purchase craft supplies here. For example paper, glue etc. Although I have noticed they are now veering more towards educational tools for schools ( a lot of teachers would buy from here) you can check out their website before you make the trip there to see what they have.

Great for: Bulk purchases, educational tools, craft equipment (pots, brushes, hole punches etc)


26-28 Princes Street, Cork Map Location


Although technically I use them online they are an Irish company with an actual bricks and mortar shop so I am including them on my list. A fantastic resource for a wide variety of arts and craft supplies. They stock all the main brands of artists supplies like daler rowney and also have supplies for model making, scrapbooking and etching to name but a few. A top class resource and I have always found them to be reliable and quick to deliver.

Great for: artists supplies, an awkward to find craft supply that you can’t find anywhere else. Bulk purchases


I am putting two shops in one here as they are both good for card making and depending on your location will both probably have what you need.


Unit D3, M4 Business Park, Celbridge, Co. Kildare Map Location



Whitewater Shopping Centre, Cutlery Road, Newbridge Map Location




Most people will know about Tiger. But I remember when they came to Ireland at first, they had one shop in Dun Laoighire Shopping Centre in Dublin and it was my little secret! But now the secret’s well and truly out. Local to me there is a shop in Newbridge and Maynooth. When I am trying to describe what they sell to people I always say it is the best of IKEA and MUJI combined. Not only will you get craft supplies there but also household items, food and super presents for children.

Great for: Everything you never knew you needed. Beautiful items at a reasonable price. Something unusual



Citywest Shopping Centre, Dublin Map Location 


The best shop I have found in my area (Leinster area) for wool supplies. And the staff are absolutely lovely too. They have a fantastic range from high quality yarns to synthetic yarns great for children learning to knit. I buy my wool here when I am doing wool projects in classes or for parties.

Great for: Wool



There you have it. I hope this is of some help to people . Feel free to share.


– Vanessa

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  • author-hexa-bg

    Hi Vanessa

    I just moved to Dublin from South Africa and need to stock up on some supplies, so I’m doing a bit of research to find if it’s cheaper to shop online for art supplies or at shops in town. What would you recommend?

    • author-hexa-bg

      Hi Sarah, You can find a lot of really great craft supplies in little shops around Dublin. But as is always the case sometimes online is better, the only thing that might leave you unstuck is the postage charges. It also depends on what type of materials you are looking for. If you want to send me an email on vanessa@thecraftcorner.ie with some more information Id be happy to point you in the right direction! And welcome to Ireland. V

  • author-hexa-bg

    Hi Vanessa

    My Mum was a keen card maker and she has a huge selection of beautiful and expensive card making supplies, including cards and envelopes, flowers, ribbon, rubber stamps, dies, embossing materials and paper all unopened. She passed away unexpectedly over a year ago and we have a huge amount of supplies and I’m not sure what to do with them or if I can sell them directly to a supplier. I thought if I could take a stall or table at a craft fair perhaps I could sell some this way. I would propose to sell everything at a low cost, I’m not trying to make a profit, I would like to find a better home for the supplies.

    Have you any suggestions, or do you know of any suppliers I could contact who might be willing to buy these unopened items from me?

    Kind regards

    • author-hexa-bg

      Hi Claire,

      Do you still have these available? I only just came across this page and am hoping you still have them! Thanks, Linda

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