Mindful Colouring Sheets and a Watercolour Project

Mindful Colouring Sheets and a Watercolour Project

a project in mindfulness

Welcome to Mindful Colouring with the Craft Corner! You can read all about the why behind this project over here 

My aim with this project is that each person who downloads the colouring sheet will take some time out of their day and spend it creating art. Indulge yourself in some Zen Me Time. Disconnect from the world for a minute and just colour!

Here is the pattern for the first of my Mindful Colouring Sheets that I created.

mindful colouring pages by vanessa at the craft corner

You can download it over here. 

mindfulness colouring sheet

I always tend to use watercolours for my colouring projects. I find them more relaxing to work with than colouring pencils and I prefer the vibrancy of colours that you can get with painting. You can spend big bucks on watercolour palettes, I have had mine for years and will have them for years to come. But you can also pick up fairly decent sets in stores like Tiger or Get Creative. A basic, but still decent set, shouldn’t set you back more than €10/€15.

If you are using colouring pencils, it is definitely worth buying a slightly higher priced set than your bargain basement euro saver ones. Firstly they are far less likely to get broken nibs every two seconds and more importantly I find that you get much more vibrant colours from higher quality sets.

When my piece was finished I left it to dry and then I weighed it down with some heavy books to flatten it out. You can also iron it on a low heat, making sure to lay an old cloth over your sheet to protect the iron.

When your piece is dry and ready to use you can use the original watercolour drawing for multiple projects. But first I scanned it into my computer so that I could reproduce my artwork and print out for more than one artwork.

I used the original artwork to make this notebook.

making a watercolour notebook with the craft corner

I bought a super lovely little A5 size notebook from KM Evans  . The one I got I don’t think they sell online but they have a whole range here that start from €2/3 

Trim your artwork so there it is about 10mm short on each edge of the notebook. Cover back with PVA glue and opening the notebook out stick down. Use a bone folder or a ruler to smooth out the paper, going from the centre outwards. Add a border with some washi tape to finish it off. This also protects the edges.

watercolour notebooks and cards


You can also make lovely cards. I used the scanned copy of the artwork that I talked about earlier and

made it into a lovely greeting card.

a watercolour illustration card


I would love to see how your own projects turn out so feel free to tag us on facebook here and twitter 


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