About Us

Who is The Craft Corner?

The Craft Corner was founded in 2012 by Vanessa Scott-Hayward. Based on a life long love of art and creativity Vanessa’s aim was to establish a business that focused on the individual child and not on big numbers or mass production. Vanessa has grown the business organically over time, never forgetting its roots and why she founded The Craft Corner.

Each term of craft classes is full of new and exciting projects. Each project is created by Vanessa specifically for the classes and takes time and thought to make sure that it is a fit with the children and class dynamics.

The class and camp numbers are always kept low, this is to ensure that no child is ever left behind or lost in the crowd. It also means that we can stretch the boundaries when it comes to the depth and intricacy of the projects we cover.

Each summer we run a series of Summer Craft Camps that have gone from strength to strength each year.

Growing in numbers and popularity children return year after year to create wonderful imaginative fantastic crafts each summer.  See what our customers said.

We hope you find what you are looking for here at The Craft Corner.

Don’t forget to check out our Blog which has plenty of tips for craft projects.

Vanessa Scott-Hayward

The Craft Corner