Make a Bird Feeder with Emma

make a bird feeder with Emma guest presenting on The Craft Corner

Make a Bird Feeder with Emma

How to make a bird feeder

Welcome to our first ever guest presenter online video tutorial.

Emma is a long time student and she recently won a craft challenge competition that I set my Spring term of students.

(Ill be posting a whole blog post on the winning entries soon)

Emma created a bird feeder from recycled materials and submitted fantastic photos of her winning project including it in action. I thought it was such a clever idea, and something that other creative kids would love to make too.

So I asked her if she would put together a small tutorial with how to instructions on how to make it. And I have to say I was SO impressed with her reply. Because she created her own video tutorial.

So without further ado I will let Emma take it away


A 2 or 3 Litre Plastic Milk Carton (cleaned)

Plastic yoghurt pot or similar (see video)


Decorative Paper

Sellotape or Contact Paper


Scissors and Markers

Hot Glue Gun

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