About the camps

About the camps

2017 bookings for summer camps will be opening within the next  month or two – stay tuned by joining the Mailing List

The Craft Corner 2016

Letting imagination take hold

If you are looking for something different in a camp this summer then The Craft Corner has what you need.

The numbers are kept small so each child gets individual attention; the projects are diverse, challenging and fun.

We believe that teaching your children crafts from a young age gives them a confidence in their ability to think independently. Our craft projects are designed to enable the children to create in their own way and let their imagination take hold. No two projects look alike and that is the beauty of it.



I am so excited to get started with our Summer Arts and Craft Camps for summer 2016. We have added a new location to our camps and currently have 5 camps confirmed in 4 different locations throughout Leinster for our arts and craft summer camps.

Each Summer I create a new and fun range of arts and craft projects that your children will do in the craft camps.

We do both group projects working together to create amazing arts and crafts and also work individually. The craft campers will bring something home everyday that they have made themselces. We stretch the bounds of traditional art creating 3D craft projects that help us to learn both traditional and new art techniques.

There will be ‘free crafting’ periods each day where the children can let their imaginations run free, using the vast array of materials we have on hand to create their own magical projects, with myself and my assistants there to help when needed.

Our arts and craft summer camps run from 10am to 2pm each day of the camp. All camps run from Monday to Friday.

The camps are suitable for children ages 5-11 and are great for both boys and girls. The cost per child is €95 for the week and this includes all the arts materials we use. There is also a €5 discount for siblings. So the more the merrier!


Our summer camps are designed to be both fun and educational, letting all the children in the camp use their imagination, grow in confidence in their own artistic abilities and stretch their artistic wings. I always tell my campers that they are the designers, they are the artists. There are no mistakes in our camps, we always find new ways to do projects, often inspired by the children themselves.

This summer we will be covering painting, scratch art, sun printing, material crafts, paper crafting, card making, clay work, outdoor games, craft games, nature crafts and lots lots more.

I am incredibly passionate about teaching arts and crafts and each summer I really enjoy getting to share my wealth of skills and knowledge with all my fantastic craft campers.

Vanessa Scott-Hayward

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What parents say

“Well done Vanessa and The Craft Corner. My two girls really enjoyed the week in summer camp and I will look forward to sending them again next year.” -Elaine S.


“Maria had a great time and met new friends. I like the fact that the number of kids is limited so they can interact each other and express themselves and this is what exactly I was looking for. I would like to thank you Vanessa, you did a great job!” –Marina

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