A colour study lesson



Live group art class studying colour. (Join the mailing list to access the discounted class rate of just €6/family)

Join us on Friday 10th July at 3pm GMT for our colour study lesson. This class is suitable for children age 5 and upwards.

You will need paint in the colour of your choice. So for example if you choose to study the colour blue then you will need blue paint.

You will also need white and black paint. Paint brush and a palette to mix on. Watercolours or poster paints. Colouring pencils in all shades of your colour, so if you choose green then find as many shades of green as you can.

Drawing pencil, ruler, white paper and a rubber.

35 – 45 minute class


Ages 5 +


Please read the terms and conditions below as by purchasing this class you are agreeing to these T&C’s 

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This colour study class is the perfect follow on class from our colour wheel lesson. It also works perfectly well on its own. As we look at creating tints and shades and then learn to draw a secret door in an old garden wall. Looking at shading and how to paint our artwork using just one colour tone.

Why study colour?

Colour is one of the essential building blocks of art education. Colour gives depth and emotion to a picture. Each of our students will be choosing one colour spectrum to work in. We will start the class by looking at where on the colour wheel that colour lands. We will look at how to make it or what colours it makes. We will create tints and shades from our colour. And using all these values we will create a colour study drawing.

Live group zoom classes hosted by Vanessa from The Craft Corner

Maximum of 15 children per group class.

Classes will be between 35-45 minutes unless otherwise specified.

Tips for a better class experience 

Make sure that you are in a quiet room, no doors or windows open to outside noise, and as little through traffic as possible.

If it is your first time using zoom, test it out beforehand, make sure you have the app downloaded.

If possible use a larger screen like a tablet or a laptop, but a phone will also work.

When I am teaching, double tap (or right click and select pin my screen) to make sure that you are seeing me in large format.

Make sure you have all your materials ready to go – the list will be sent out before the class starts.

Class Terms and Conditions: 

No photos to be taken during the class, you can of course take photos of your own artwork and we will do a group artwork shot at the end of the class showing the artwork only (no faces)

Do not share the meeting ID and password with anyone else

When I am teaching the class I will ask everyone to mute themselves and if you have  a question you can type it in the group chat and I can unmute you. Please DO NOT leave your microphone on during the class.