Safety Measures

Safety Precautions Summer/Autumn 2020

Below is an overview of some of the precuations we will be taking for any in person camps or events, starting August 2020

Both myself and my teaching assistant will be wearing face coverings for the duration of the summer camp. We will wear visors and then masks when we are in close contact with the children.

All children will be seated 2 metres apart except in the case of sibling pods. 

Each child will be given a material tray at the start of camp and they will use only those materials during the course of the camp. 

Each table will have its own rubbish bin for that student to use. 

Each student will be asked to bring their own hand towel for drying their hands after washing and a small hand sanitiser to use. 

When using the bathroom, after each use we will ask that each child wipes down the toilet handle and taps with a wet wipe and disposes of them in a marked bin. 

There will be no sharing of foods at break time. There will be one snack break half way through the day. 

Weather dependant we will aim to do as many art projects outside on the all weather surface as possible. With this in mind we ask that parents provide children with a coat in case its cold but dry 

There will be a communal hand sanitiser at the front door when you drop off your children and at the classroom door. 

Drop off and collection will be from the front door of the building, parents/guardians will not enter the school premises. 

Prompt drop off and collection is requested to facilitate this. 

You must be confident that your child understands the need for social distancing. This is for the safety and also enjoyenment of everyone attending. 

If you wish to see the full risk assesment report please just get in touch.