Online Weekend Sewing Classes


Online Weekend Sewing Classes

Saturday 1st May 11am – Make a Fabric Roll Organiser

More details below. Please note you must attend this class live, no recordings available.

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Online Weekend Sewing Classes

An online weekend sewing classes for children and parents. Join us on Saturday the 1st May for an online sewing class learning how to make a fabric roll organiser.

This organiser can be used to store your art supplies, colouring pencils or markers. Great for storing camping essentials for day trips or make your own sewing storage organiser.

The class project will be designed so that students can take part if they are hand sewing or machine sewing. Those hand sewing will be given a smaller template to make.

These weekend sewing classes are a lovely creative class for parents and children to do together.

You will be emailed measurements beforehand and asked to cut out a paper template before the class. (no printer necessary)


Class Details

Class is approximately 1 hour long and students must attend live. There are no recordings of the class.


What age is this class suitable for?

Students age 8 and upwards in general but it depends on the sewing skill of the participants.

Students must have some basic sewing skills. They will be sent a video to watch beforehand on the basics of their sewing machine and basic hand sewing skills if they need to practise either.

This class is also suitable for adults to attend. Please note that for child safety purposes ALL participants screens must be left on for the duration of the class.


Sewing Machine or needle and thread if hand sewing
Material max size needed 2 pieces 50cm x 50cm
Ribbon 60cm long
Material scissors
Needle and thread
Paper template
Paper scissors and marker, ruler

Reuse & Recycle

Both the inner and outer materials used to make my fabric roll organiser are from old duvet covers, one was mine, one bought in a charity shop. The ribbon was salvaged from a birthday gift. Remember if you can reuse materials, do! Not only is it kinder to the environment and your pocket it also gives your handmade items a story.


One payment is valid for several children once they are all accessing the class through the one screen.