Online St Patricks Day Puppet Making Workshop


Online St. Patrick’s Day Puppet Making Workshop

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St Patrick’s Day Puppet Making Class

Learn how to make a fun moving puppet with The Craft Corner this St. Patrick’s Day.

50% of all ticket sales will be donated to the Ukraine Red Cross.

What age is this class suitable for?

This puppet making class is suitable for ages 7+ to do independently. Or younger children with help from an adult or older sibling

Materials needed 

1 x Toilet Roll per puppet

Green paper in various shades

Coloured paper to decorate in other colours

Cardboard scraps

Scissors, glue


Sharp pencil

Small elastic bands x 2 (you can also use brads but not everyone might have these)

If you have wool or cotton wool/stuffing you can use that to make hair

Tape or a stapler (with adult supervision) might also be handy but not essential


For the whole family

One payment is valid for several children once they are all accessing the class through the one screen.