Bonus hour for 4-6 year old campers


Bonus hour for Age 4-6 campers who have an older sibling attending the other camp group (Age 7-12 camp)

This is a free service that is ONLY available to those on our mailing list.

We hope this is helpful for parents so they only need to do one collection.

Limited availability per week.

Maynooth bonus hour sold out, if you want to avail of this service please get in touch by email to request a slot

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Bonus hour

This bonus hour is ONLY available to parents who have booked an older sibling into the 7-12 camp that is running the same week. And their younger child is attending the Age 4-6 camp.


What will they do?

Our campers will get to hang out with one of our art teachers, we might do some tidy up games, we will have some games for them to play, story time and a little bit of quiet time to chill out.

Some days they might join the older camp group depending on the projects they are doing.

Limited Numbers

I am limiting this to only 3 students per camp week and it is ONLY available to those on our mailing list.

This service will be free of charge. And hopefully helps parents who are collecting the older sibling at 2pm.

Additional Information
Camp week

Week 1 NKETS Celbridge, Week 4 Maynooth, Week 6 Straffan