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As February fast approaches and signs of spring begin to emerge, we look forward to brighter, longer days. With February, comes Valentines day and our thoughts go towards love and loved ones. Valentines may be a day to be spent with our nearest and dearest, but that does not bend exclusively towards partners, husbands or wives – love is for everyone and it is all around (so says the song). Valentine celebrations and displays of affection can be shared with those in our lives, who mean the most to us; Mother’s, Fathers, Grandparents, children, family and friends. So whether you’re in a relationship or not, there are plenty of different creative art and craft ideas, to show the people in your life that you care and that they matter. From cards to candles, framed pictures to treats, there is something suited for everyone, to be crafted below.

Homemade cards

Giving a homemade Valentine’s card speaks volumes over mass produced shop bought cards. However, if you are pressed for time, why not look at the option of buying a more unique, hand crafted Valentine’s card instead. Childrens handmade cards The Craft Corner

Such pretty handmade card ideas from

One in a million card The Craft Corner

You are one in a million – yes, you are! From

Valentines wall art

A picture tells a visual story, so why not tell the story of your love and give it place of pride, in your home? If you have a favourite song, poem or interesting story on how you met,why not put it into the printed word, add some Valentine bling to it and encase in a frame or place on a canvas, then you will have something just a little bit more unique. The end result can then be kept for yourself or given to your loved one. This also works for a parent to their child, if you put their birth date and time of birth on it. Such a lovely keepsake, for all year round.

Love in a frame The Craft Corner

Say it and frame it. Fabulous ideas from thedatingdivas


Candles are such a handy item to have in your home. They are perfect as a gift, or to have a supply in stock, in case of power blackouts, or if you’re simply just looking to create a Valentine ambiance. Below are step by step instructions on how to turn an empty glass jar, an illuminating gift, in time for Valentine’s.

Candle tutorial The Craft Corner

An empty jar, a little candle and an idea. From

Valentines craft gift ideas for kids

Valentine’s is a great excuse to get the kids thinking about what love means to them and the people in their life, and what a great way of expressing that meaning, than through arts and crafts. It’s a little bit crazy and a whole lot of fun. Below are some novice ideas for parents/guardians and teachers to get the children involved in.

50 classroom Valentine creations The Craft Corner

Great craft ideas for children from

Say it with confetti

Confetti hearts The Craft Corner Dublin map confetti The Craft CornerConfetti love hearts from

Valentine’s is not about once off huge gestures, it can be little gestures, like confetti hidden in your homemade card, or sprinkled around the table for your evening meal together.  Heart shaped packs of confetti work just the treat. Map confetti, for if you have a special place or trip that you took together, cut into little heart shapes.

Sweet treats

Valentines sweet treats The Craft Corner

Easy to make, yummy Valentine treats from

What’s not to love about sweet treats. These easy but effective treats work a charm for all ages.

Valentine footnote

Saying “I love you” or “You mean the world to me”, is something that is universal and can apply to everyone. Love is just love and nothing truly brightens a person’s day more, than receiving the heartfelt sentiment of a homemade card or gift. So why not give something this year that holds more of a meaning and is treasured by loved ones – the gift of thought and time – the thought that went into deciding what to make, the time that it took for you to make it and follow it up with the gift of presence – the time spent with your loved ones.  All making the perfect ingredients for a Valentines to remember.

handmade valentines day crafts with the craft corner

handmade valentines day crafts with the craft corner

Article by Gráinne Kennedy.

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