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Resources: Free printable colouring sheets for children

Resources 101:

Drawing, using pencil and paper, is such an important skill to foster in children from a young age.

This article over on Smart Parent Advice goes into a lot more detail about fine motor skills and highlights how arts and crafts can help. 


The following websites offer free printable drawing pages for children.

If you have one that you use and want to add to the mix leave the link in the comments.

1 – www.education.com link here

education.com free printable worksheets
education.com free printable worksheets

2 – Good for Disney characters: www.educationalcoloringpages.com link here and great for boys too 

free disney colouring pages
free Disney colouring pages

3 – raisingourkids.com link here including a good section on learning to draw here

learning how to draw
learning how to draw

4 – www.coloring.ws link here which also has a good section for kids learning their Alphabets here

colouring pages alphabets

5 –  I love this site for LETTERS AND ALPHABETS  www.sheknows.com link here 

SHEKNOWS website free colouring pages alphabets
Great site for alphabets and lettering

More difficult intricate pages suitable for older children, teenagers and adults

1 – www.colorpagesformom.com linkhere

colouring pages for adults patterns
colouring pages for adults patterns

2 – this site has some cool abstract patterns on it. link here

abstract patterns
abstract patterns

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