Mixed Media Artwork Online Class


A mixed media artwork online project suitable for children age 7 and upwards. Material list is in the description below. The project will take you about an hour in total, you will need to leave some parts to dry. All the videos are prerecorded so you can do them at your own pace, pausing them as you need to. Once you purchase you will have lifetime access to the content.  


This project teaches you watercolour brush skills, how to increase the size of the marks you make and how to make thinner and thicker lines. We also learn how to create a collage project, using newspaper to create leaves for our trees. Teaching you that you have more art supplies around you than you ever knew. 

We also talk about composition and scale. 


Materials you will need to make your mixed media artwork:

1 – Sheets of newspaper with text only – no photos or images

2 -Paint, I am using watercolours but if you don’t have them you can use poster paints or acrylic and water them down. If you don’t have a paint palette a small plate or saucer will do.

3 – A scissors, glue (glue stick or pva glue), pencil, paint brush and covering for your table

4 – A4 sheet of paper cut in half, so you have two pieces to work on