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The start of a new year brings a promise of new beginnings and what a better way to kick start the New Year than by getting super organised. The month of January is all about leftovers, be it sweet treats, gifts or even Christmas cards. What do you do with the items that you do not need to eat, keep or have use for?

Recycling or up-cycling is the way to go! By turning Christmas cards into little gift tags, Christmas framed pictures, tree decorations or even pillow boxes, big enough to put some leftover sweet treats into, it is a great way to reuse cards that can be otherwise too pretty to put in the bin. What a great way to break the long, dark evenings, then with a little crafting fun. Below are some ideas that should help get to get the creative ideas flowing.

Recycling Christmas cards

Recycled christmas cards The Craft Corner

Beautiful homemade gifts out of recycled cards



Christmas card wreath from


Recycled Christmas card bauble from

…A little bit of forward planning for 2016… 

Christmas decoration unpacking/packing; if the sheer idea of this makes you want to run and hide, than fear not, below are some relatively stress-free ideas for forward thinking and planning; how to catalogue, label and organise the decorations, so that it will be easier to jog the memory on what went where and you won’t be uttering next Christmas, “where is my Christmas tree?” or “where is my favourite snow globe ornament, I know I put it somewhere safe!”.

Illuminating the way for string-light packing

Oh the tantrums and tears that crazy, knotted, balled-up strings of Christmas lights bring.  Avoid the frustration of trying to unravel them and then just giving up and putting them in the trash. Below are some easy peasy packing hacks, using clothes hangers or cardboard, these will make you wonder what all the hassle is about. Knots, what knots?

Packing Christmas lights The Craft Corner

Genius reuse of surplus cardboard for packing and unpacking Christmas lights at

Christmas lights on hangars The Craft Corner

Handy use of hangers for those awkward lights at

Tackling the tree

Whether you’re totally dismantling and boxing/bagging that tree, or just plain old shrink wrapping it, below are some tricks of the trade on how to deal with our faux festive ferns. Get yourself  a roll of non-expensive shrink wrap or cling-film, or source yourself some large storage boxes – these don’t have to cost the earth and can be bought at any DIY home store or even at local thrift shops (if the time is right and the eye is quick!). Whether you choose to wrap or box, it can be simply done…

Shrink wrap that tree The Craft Corner

It’s a wrap! from

Christmas storage boxes The Craft Corner

Storage box ideas with southernstateofmind

Dealing with breakables and other bits and bobs

Christmas is guaranteed to bring with it many, many empty cardboard boxes and wrapping paper, so why not reuse these to house delicate Christmas ornaments? Also handy to keep safe breakable baubles, are empty egg box cases, you’d almost think they were made specifically for this intention, as they fit so snuggly inside!

Baubles in egg boxes The Craft Corner

Genius way of storing those Christmas baubles at

Boxing, storing and labeling

If your Christmas decorations are going to be stored in a garage or loft, ensure that what they are stored in will endure possible damp or dusty conditions throughout the year. Investing in plastic storage boxes or bags, can really help to avoid damage being done to your festive items.

If unpacking your Christmas decorations, make a note of each item, the smaller items can be grouped together. So make a list and be sure to check it twice!! Cataloging what items you have in each box and attaching the list to the outside, you will know just by glancing at the boxes, what is in each one . Even by keeping separate boxes for different decorations can help; one for the tree and related ornaments, one for hanging wreaths, mantel wreaths/sashes, one box for baubles and delicate Christmas ornaments and lights. When you’re finished packing, make sure when you go to store the boxes, that the heaviest boxes go on the bottom and lighter go up on top of shelving. Simply by being organised, this means less stress for you and your loved ones, down the road.

So when it’s done and dusted, you can sit back and enjoy a cuppa!

New year blog


Article by Gráinne Kennedy.


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