Have a very merry DIY Christmas!

Christmas craft

When it comes to a DIY Christmas, you really have to be thinking outside the box…the Christmas box that is! In a very consumer driven season, it is very easy to lose the spirit of Christmas in a shoppers’ panic. Fear not, there are so many different, inexpensive ways that you can convey that personal message and expression for loved ones, without breaking the bank. From crafting homemade gifts and giving homemade Christmas cards, to decorating your home, there are so many different DIY ideas to consider. By using old wine glasses and acorns you can turn them into candle holders, old light bulbs into tree ornaments and branches of trees sprayed and LED lights added, these can really give some original and creative, festive Pizzazz to your home!

Most items come from recycling old, tired decorations and old Christmas cards, or even from items picked up in thrift shops and household objects. Acorns, fallen branches (no longer attached to the tree!), holly sprigs and berries can easily be found, if you’re out on a lovely winter’s walk on a trail or in a park. Add a little gold or silver spray, or artificial snow and you suddenly have something beautifully simple to decorate your home with. Below are some ideas to get you started…

Home Decorating

516e0cd396b5d5bfe610ada428e19c20DIY gold Christmas decor at landeeseelandeedo.com

Fallen Branches…


There are so many different ideas here to keep you busy crafting from buzzfeed.com

Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments The Craft Corner Christmas tree ornaments using old light bulbs from Dollartree.com

Christmas card ideas

A Christmas card has the ability to convey such a personal message to friends and family and what a better way to express this, than by giving a hand made card. Cards hand made by yourself, or a local crafter, offer a thoughtful way to present this message. Whether you’re buying a hand made card, or recycling and reusing old Christmas cards, there are many different creative ideas…

Robin Christmas card The Craft Corner

Handmade craft Christmas cards from Six0SixDesign store on Etsy.com

Recycling old Christmas cards

 Recycled Christmas card wreath The Craft CornerAlternative ideas for reusing old Christmas cards from rufflesandstuff.com

What a DIY cracker!!!!

Put a cracking spin on Christmas crackers, with a DIY twist. Get using that left over wrapping paper and card and make personal crackers, filled to the brim with fabulous treats and thrills that all will love. Chocolate coins, marbles, hair accessories, or for those feeling braver and looking to POP! a very special question – why not do it with a homemade Christmas cracker – filled with confetti hearts and of course that all important sparkler!

Homemade Christmas Cracker The Craft Corner

The queen of craft, Martha Stewart with so many festive ideas!

Christmas gifts – DIY style

The giving and receiving of Christmas gifts can bring out stresses and strains, not only on the purse strings but emotionally too. Why not go back to basics this year and embrace what Christmas should be about, joy and best wishes for friends and loved ones, and what a better way to do that, then by making a personal gift! Below are 25 ideas that are sure to inspire you…

Homemade gifts The Craft Corner

25 DIY gifts to get you started from diyready.com

So, with Christmas on our doorstep and so many DIY gifting and decoration ideas – We would like to wish all our readers and DIY-ers, a very merry crafty Christmas!

Christmas craft

Article by Gráinne Kennedy

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