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The humble cardboard box holds so many possibilities, so why not get creative and have a little crafting fun with them, before they go in the recycling bin. How often has it happened, that children receive gifts that come in cardboard boxes, only to discard the gift and spend the day playing with the box instead? With a little imagination and some crafting skills, a humble cardboard box can become a castle or fortress, a race car, a train, a spaceship, a shop, a maze or a robot. The list is endless and so are the ideas!

Half the fun of cardboard boxes, is the creative, building process, and crafting with cardboard boxes is a great project for both adult and child to be involved in together. Below are some inspiring ideas and helpful hints, so let the fun begin!

40 Great cardboard box ideas

Red Ted Art Cardboard box ideas The Craft CornerCardboard box ideas from

Indoor playhouse

Indoor playhouse The Craft Corner

Endless fun can be had with this indoor playhouse idea

Cereal box crafts

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19 creative ideas from Spaceships and laserbeams

Fun ideas for shoe boxes

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Cardboard boxes, all shapes and all sizes, can supply the perfect indoor entertainment for children on a rainy day. All you need is cardboard, some sticky/masking tape, some child friendly glue and scissors, mix with a good dash of imagination, for endless hours of fun.

Cardboard box blog1 copy

Article by Gráinne Kennedy

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