Recent Art Projects – Autumn 2018

What we have been up to Here is a little taste of just some of the recent art projects we have been doing this term in arts and craft class. From our Autumn term 2018 For every project, there are so many different results. Seeing how the children will take your idea and run with […]

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10 things to say instead of stop crying

Ten things to say to your child instead of stop crying Sometimes it can be hard to take yourself out of the moment when your child is upset. But by taking a moment and responding with compassion and patience you can not only help your child but also help yourself feel better. Because when your […]

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tim walker and squishies

Tim Walker and Squishies

What do Tim Walker, squishies and Vogue have in common? Let me tell you…. I have always loved Tim Walkers photography, take this shot he did for Vogue in 2009, with the baguette biplane. I was reminded of this recently when loads of the kids in our summer camps over the summer educated me on […]

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