cover your school books creatively and on a budget

5 things to do before the kids go back to school


Explore closer to home.

Discover the secret treasures in your city, town, village. Too often we spend our time planning trips to places far away and forgetting about the things right on our doorstep. The great thing about the good weather this summer is that more people were sticking closer to home. Would you believe I had never been to Bull Island?! We went exploring there with picnic in hand and soaked up some sea, sand and sun. Google map location

Bull Island, Dublin Summer 2014

Bull Island, Dublin Summer 2014



Go the movies. OUTSIDE

There is a resurgance over the past few years in outdoor cinemas. If you live in Cork you can catch a film at movie junction.  You can catch Jurassic Park in Fitwilliam Square on Saturday the 9th August, check out the OpenAir Cinema facebook page for more details

open air cinema dublin

open air cinema dublin


Keep calm and have a lazy day

Life can be a whirlwind, we are so busy ticking off our to do lists, getting lunches ready, making sure teeth are brushed, shoes are matching and homework is done that we can forget to take a breathe and just do nothing. So by order of the craft corner before September hits “Have a Lazy Day”!

keep calm and have a lazy day vogue bed of mattresses


Get walking 

Ireland is full of walks, whether it’s coastal, in a forest park or up and down your own road. Pop on some shoes, grab an umbrella(this is Ireland) and take the kids exploring. I always bring zip lock bags with me, fill one with some treats and keep the rest free for collecting. Gather flowers, stones, leaves.You can press them in old books. (see tutorial here) And it’ll keep everyone interested. Here is a website for finding walks in Ireland

waterfalls and walks in ireland

waterfalls and walks in ireland



Finally make getting ready for school fun.

Turn covering your school books into a fun, creative and budget friendly task. Buy a roll of brown paper in the pound shop or use wrapping paper (Tiger and Ikea both have lots of fantastic patterned papers in stock at the moment) to cover the school books. Use stamps to spell out the titles or hand draw and colour in.

cover your school books creatively and on a budget

cover your school books creatively and on a budget


I hope you found some of the above ideas helpful and get to use them! If you do I’d love to hear about it, either leave a comment or pop over to our facebook page.


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