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Autumn 2023 term will start back Thursday 21st September

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J&S infants classes €75 – €67.50 TCC loyalty club price 
All classes 1st class and up €86  –  €77.40 TCC loyalty club price


3.10 – 4.10pm – 1st class to 6th class – SOLD OUT

4.30 to 5.15pm Junior Art Class – SOLD OUT


Please read in the description below for term dates and what we focus on for each age group


Our Autumn Term of arts and craft classes in Straffan Community Hall will be starting back on Thursday 21st September for a 6 week term.


All age group and class time details below.

Week 1 – Thursday 21st September

Week 2 – Thursday 28th September

Week 3 – Thursday 5th October

Week 4 – Thursday 12th October

Week 5 – Thursday 19th October

Week 6 – Thursday 26th October

What we teach

Over the course of a term I teach my students a combination of art and drawing skills, new painting techniques through studying famous artists and art movements. We also look at craft, 3D construction, creating art through recycled materials and paper.


Class Age Groups: What we cover

For our junior art class we very much focus on building your child’s creative confidence, focusing on the building blocks of art. Fine motor skills, colour mixing and theory, 3D construction. We mix in elements of art history, famous artists and art skills in a fun, easy to understand way. Each class builds on the last and each term we reinforce the skills learnt before.

For the 1st to 6th class we focus more on drawing, still in a fun engaging manner designed to help your child learn more about art while still having fun along the way. We have a mix of painting, drawing and 3d building each term. We focus more on drawing skills and growing our young artists skill set.

(not currently available in Straffan location) For our 3rd class + we really start to focus in on our drawing and fine art skills. We start to challenge our students to find their own creative voice. Testing their skills with projects that will sometimes take more than one class to complete and will combine a number of skills lessons in one. This older class is ideal for older children to help strengthen the foundation of their creativity.

What happens if you miss a class? 

As mentioned above if you miss a class in person you will be given access to an online video version of the class that you can do in your own time


Class Location

Additional Information
Class Time

3.10pm 1st – 6th class, 4.30pm J&S infants

% payment

1 child 50%, 1 child Pay in Full, 2 children 50%, 2 children Pay in Full


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