Make a Notebook: Online Summer Workshop


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Learn to make your own personalised hardback notebook with The Craft Corner.

Wednesday 12th July 15:30 – 16:30  on Zoom

If children still need help after the hour ends we will stay on the call for another 15 minutes

Read more information below on age ranges and materials needed

Material packs available to purchase too. See online events page.

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Make a Notebook with The Craft Corner

One of our all time most popular creative projects is making a notebook. This project teaches children the basics of bookbinding.

How to create their own art journal, a space for them to create, draw, write and imagine.

These notebooks are fantastic for during the summer holidays, wonderful ways to create times of independant play for your children.

Age Groups

These online workshops are suitable for children age 8+ to do independently and for children 5+ to do with the help of an adult. So you could either attend as a family and everyone makes a notebook or your child can get set up and spend an afternoon crafting with us.



You can purchase a material pack with various add on options depending on what you need

2 x  A5 Strong cardboard (pre cut)
Thick A4 White Card (160gsm+) x 3
Ribbon or string
A4 paper for inside your notebook (10 pages)

Glue – Ideally PVA glue as its stronger.

Glue Brush

Single Hole Punch

Scissors, Ruler, Pencil

Markers or similar to add colour/decorate

Random pretty papers, confetti, cup cake cases, stickers, stamps, old maps, envelopes etc to decorate.