Dunboyne Summer Camp: Arts and Crafts

dunboyne summer camp

Dunboyne summer camp

Our Dunboyne Summer Arts and Craft Camp will be starting next Monday the 11th June and run until Friday the 15th June.

This 5 day arts and crafts summer camp will be jam packed full or arts, crafts, fun and lots of imagination. We have a fantastic line up of porjects planned including how to make your own board game, notebooks, obstacle courses, painting, printing, nature art and lots more

The camp will be on in Dunboyne Parish Centre which is located just as you drive into Dunboyne on the Maynooth side. It is just passed Dunboyne Castle on the left hand side opposite the playground. The Parish Centre is a lovely premises, nearly brand new, the camp will be in a bright airy space with lots of room to get creative.


Our Dunboyne camp is suitable for those ages 5-11 and will run from 10am to 2pm each day. We provide all the arts materials and all you need to bring along is a packed lunch and make sure our campers wear old clothes as we will be using paints and glue each day.

Each day our art campers will go home with a completed project, some art projects will take a few days to complete and at the end of the week they will have a wonderful portfolio of work that they can use and create with during the course of the summer

Dunboyne is a brand new summer camp location for The Craft Corner and we are excited to get crafting. We started teaching after school arts and craft classes in Dunboyne this Spring and are happy to say that they have been a fantastic success with the pupils of St. Peters National School.

If you would like to book a space at next weeks art and craft camp simply fill out the booking form at the link below


And you can find more information on the other locations we will be holding camps at here 

dunboyne summer camp

What the Mindful Colouring Project is about

mindful colouring project with the craft corner
mindfulness ˈmʌɪn(d)f(ʊ)lnəs/ noun
1.  the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
2.   a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.


I bought my first mindful colouring book when I was on holidays in Dingle. Co.Kerry a few years ago. The phenomenon hadn’t quite reached public awareness to the extent that it has now. (If you Google mindful colouring you get over 370,000 results) I spent many a peaceful morning painting and colouring in my book outside our little cottage. I would take it out again every now and then and colour in another page.


If I was to recommend a colouring author to buy I think it would have to be the work of Johanna Basford. Especially her Secret Garden book here. 


But here is the thing. I am a doodler and I am a maker. Every diary and planner and notebook that I own is filled with doodles on one page or another. And I love to create my own patterns and have more control over the end result. I find the process of painting and drawing random repetitive patterns incredibly relaxing.


Sometimes when I am working on a particular design problem or brainstorming for a new craft project I will sit down and paint or doodle for a while. It lets my brain ZEN OUT as I like to call it. Rather like YOGA FOR MY MIND MUSCLES.


So what is this project all about? 
It is about sharing a little bit of mindfulness with all of you the best way I know how (through art)
It is about me taking time every now and then to create for creating’s sake.
It is about me ZENNING OUT and doing some MIND YOGA


My hope is that each person who downloads the colouring sheets will take some time out of their day to disconnect, chill out and just colour.


How do I get my first mindfulness sheet? 


get your free colouring sheets copy

Mindful Colouring Sheets and a Watercolour Project

a project in mindfulness

Welcome to Mindful Colouring with the Craft Corner! You can read all about the why behind this project over here 

My aim with this project is that each person who downloads the colouring sheet will take some time out of their day and spend it creating art. Indulge yourself in some Zen Me Time. Disconnect from the world for a minute and just colour!

Here is the pattern for the first of my Mindful Colouring Sheets that I created.

mindful colouring pages by vanessa at the craft corner

You can download it over here. 

mindfulness colouring sheet

I always tend to use watercolours for my colouring projects. I find them more relaxing to work with than colouring pencils and I prefer the vibrancy of colours that you can get with painting. You can spend big bucks on watercolour palettes, I have had mine for years and will have them for years to come. But you can also pick up fairly decent sets in stores like Tiger or Get Creative. A basic, but still decent set, shouldn’t set you back more than €10/€15.

If you are using colouring pencils, it is definitely worth buying a slightly higher priced set than your bargain basement euro saver ones. Firstly they are far less likely to get broken nibs every two seconds and more importantly I find that you get much more vibrant colours from higher quality sets.

When my piece was finished I left it to dry and then I weighed it down with some heavy books to flatten it out. You can also iron it on a low heat, making sure to lay an old cloth over your sheet to protect the iron.

When your piece is dry and ready to use you can use the original watercolour drawing for multiple projects. But first I scanned it into my computer so that I could reproduce my artwork and print out for more than one artwork.

I used the original artwork to make this notebook.

making a watercolour notebook with the craft corner

I bought a super lovely little A5 size notebook from KM Evans  . The one I got I don’t think they sell online but they have a whole range here that start from €2/3 

Trim your artwork so there it is about 10mm short on each edge of the notebook. Cover back with PVA glue and opening the notebook out stick down. Use a bone folder or a ruler to smooth out the paper, going from the centre outwards. Add a border with some washi tape to finish it off. This also protects the edges.

watercolour notebooks and cards


You can also make lovely cards. I used the scanned copy of the artwork that I talked about earlier and

made it into a lovely greeting card.

a watercolour illustration card


I would love to see how your own projects turn out so feel free to tag us on facebook here and twitter 


Easter crafting and fun activities

Easter blog pic

Easter is almost here and so are the myriad of possibilities for crafting and fun activities, whether they are indoor or outdoor. There is plenty to make see and do over the holiday, for both child and adult to enjoy. So many ideas, where to start? First would be the obvious, Easter egg hunting! The thrill of seeking and finding hidden treats is something that all children love, no matter what the age.

An egg hunt can take place in your own garden or indoors (if the weather is bad), there may also be a fun family egg hunt run in your local area, these are usually free or a small entrance fee may be charged, so be sure to check it out. Eggs for hunting can be the chocolate or a plastic variety – filled with little toys or a mix of treats – the decision is yours. For those of you who wish to create your own eggs and egg hunts, below is a collection of ideas, complete with free printable templates.

Easter eggs and baskets

Decorating Easter eggs The Craft Corner14 great tips on decorating Easter eggs from sunlitspaces.com

Non candy Easter egg ideas The Craft Corner

20+ ideas for Easter egg fillers from momontimeout.com

Hunting for eggs

There are so many ideas for egg hunts, it’s impossible to include them all but below are a few ideas to get you started. There are traditional egg hunts, with traditional chocolate eggs, then there is the not so traditional from colour coded eggs, to eggs with little clues in them, eggs with non-candy treats, glow in the dark eggs – for night time hunts – ideal for teens and adults! The weather also plays an important role for where your hunt takes place, indoor or outdoor? All things to be considered and some included below.


Colour coded eggs The Craft Corner

Colour coded Eggs and buckets from sewmanyways.blogspot.ie


These are handy little Easter egg clue templates that can be printed out, either pre-written or blank. The blank templates can turn an ordinary egg hunt into a treasure hunt, with little clues written on each one.

Egg hunt templates The Craft Corner

Pretty Easter templates for printing from darlingdoodlesdesign.com

Free printables The Craft Corner

Egg shaped templates from babyhintsandtips.com

Egg free printables The Craft Corner

Blank templates for written treat egg fillers from growingupgabel.com

Egg hunting ideas – indoor, outdoor – day or night

Indoor egg hunt The Craft Corner

Indoor hunt ideas from blog.partydelights.co.uk

Glow in the dark eggs The Craft Corner

Really fun idea for a night time egg hunt from warmhotchocolate.com

Easter crafting

25 Easter crafts The Craft Corner

25 Easter craft ideas from mommysfavoritethings.com


Cute egg bunnies The Craft Corner

Cute little egg bunnies from tipsaholic.com

Paint chip Easter bunting The Craft Corner

Paint chip bunting from modernparentsmessykids.com

Woven egg bunting The Craft Corner

Woven paint chip egg bunting from pinkstripeysocks.com

Foam cup bunnies The Craft Corner

Foam cup bunnies from craftsbyamanda.com

Easter centrepieces The Craft Corner

Easter centerpieces from myfrugaladventures.com

Indoor and outdoor activities

Indoor and outdoor activities The Craft Corner

Fun Easter activities for indoor and outdoor from hative.com

Easter teen craft ideas The Craft Corner

Messy Easter fun from alittlecraftinyourday.com

Outdoor activities The Craft Corner

Fun outdoor activities ideas from listotic.com

Easter treats and simple food ideas

Easter delights The Craft Corner

Yummy Easter treats from passionforsavings.com

Easy Easter treats The Craft Corner

Dipped Easter egg treats from momluck.com

Birds nests The Craft Corner

Shredded chocolate nests from bbcgoodfood.com

There is so much fun to be had during the Easter holidays, from egg decorating, egg hunting, yummy treats to be made, lots of crafting, creativity and games to play, plenty to keep all ages entertained and smiling.  Make sure to check out your local areas too, for fun family activities being held over the holidays – fun walks, trips to the park or local petting farm – Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, the list of things to do this Easter is endless.

Easter blog pic

Article by Gráinne Kennedy


St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for kids

St. Patricks day blog. jpeg

St. Patrick’s day festivities are all about fun and lots of colour. There’s no better way to start off the celebrations, then to craft your very own St. Patrick’s day props, decorations, pictures and cards. With so many different varieties of green, white and gold and heaps of creative ideas, no two pieces will be quite the same and the fun involved in making them, will be sure to keep the kids busy during the school holidays.

Included below are some nifty ideas to start you thinking creatively, so grab your glitter, glue, paper and even pasta and get a head start on your unique St. Patrick’s day creations. Enjoy!

Cards & posters

Making St. Patrick’s day cards can be so much fun and many different materials (usually found at home) can be used in the process; from paper plates, to toilet roll inserts, corks and even your very own hands!


Colourful St. Patrick’s day ideas from craftymorning.com

Mosaic shamrocks

So many shades of green in Mosaic Shamrock’s from happinessishomemade.net

Rainbow pot

Finger print magic rainbow idea from craftymorning.com

Bunting & Decorations

Strings of bunting are a fantastic way to add that splash of colour to your St. Patrick’s day theme. These templates can be used as a base, to decorate, add as much paint, glitter, string or ribbon as you would like, to make your own unique St. Patrick’s day bunting decoration.

St. Patrick's day bunting The Craft Corner

Great bunting ideas from theimaginationbox.com

St. Patrick’s Day mobiles

White card, cotton balls, glue, string, pasta and poster paint – what more could you need to create the perfect rainbow.

Rainbow mobile

A beautiful pasta rainbow mobile from b-inspiredmama.com

And many more ideas…

St. Patrick's day 20 things to do The Craft Corner

20 fun  St. Patrick ideas from iheartcraftythings.com

Little pot of gold

Little hats filled with gold coin treats from canadianliving.com

Hand and Foot creations

Feet, hands, paper, paint = fun, constructive, messy creativity – What’s not to love about that?!

St. Patrick's Day hand and foot creations The Craft Corner

Unusual creations from 123homeschool4me.com

St. Patrick’s day ideas for crafting are limitless and great fun can be had in the making, plenty to keep children of all ages occupied over the school holidays. The colourful finished projects can then be proudly put on display for all to see.

St. Patricks day blog. jpeg

Article by Gráinne Kennedy

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